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Commercial Carpeting

Your Start-to-Finish Flooring Resource



Seeing Your Project Through From Beginning To End

At TCM Commercial Flooring we want to be involved with your projects from the “ground floor” with estimates, samples for varying price points and design services.  We have the experience to see your project all the way to completion.

Commercial Flooring Removal

At TCM, we know that removal involves much more than just taking product off the floor.  Removing old floor covering can really add

man-hours and, subsequent expense to a job.  We offer flooring removal/disposal services for a per-square-foot rate so you can begin a job knowing what your costs will be.  By contracting TCM to conduct your removals, you are assured that your floor is ready for the quickest, least expensive prep possible.  The end result is less floor-prep hours billed to your job.  

Removing commercial flooring the old-fashioned way (with elbow grease) is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It’s a complicated process that threatens to push you past your deadlines. Call on the pros to make fast work of your most challenging floor removal jobs!

Floor Prep​


The best installations begin with the most thorough floor prep.  Surface preparation is the most important phase of installing a top-quality flooring system and is something we will not take shortcuts with. Quite simply, no other company can match TCM’s unique combination of experience and equipment to get this important job done right, so that you and the end-user get the quality installation you deserve.

TCM Commercial Flooring believes that the combination of thorough material removals and our superior sub-floor prep:



•         A better looking floor.

•         Less claims and failures.

•         A long-term avoidance of complications.

•         A happier customer.    

Moisture Remediation


A finished floor can be no better than the sub-floor underneath.  When floors fail, in many cases it is not the fault of the product that is on top, but rather the concrete slab below.  High levels of pH and Moisture Vapor Emissions in a concrete substrate can adversely affect the adhesive bond of new floor covering, which may ultimately result in bond failure.


We understand what can cause these conditions and know how to resolve the problems excessive moisture causes.  Our trained technicians know how to work with concrete and how to bring it into industry tolerances, insuring your finished floors will not fail due to moisture issues.


TCM Flooring is trained by ARDEX to install and warranty their MC moisture remediation products.

For more information on Saving the Sub-Floor properly, click here.


We have the most experienced crews in Central New York to handle the diversity of issues that may arise on any job. Our skilled technicians are experts in installing commercial flooring across a variety of industries and applications. Our crews are well versed in our clients' complex flooring needs. Our teams have a proven track record of handling jobs both small and large from start-to-finish. 

Simply put: we get it done right, the first time, ON TIME.

Our trained flooring mechanics' experience prepares them to handle most relevant issues. From concrete moisture remediation & substrate preparation, to intricate installation techniques, TCM's crews have consistently been called upon to provide dependable, qualified labor to install the products of manufacturers of carpet, linoleum, vinyl and other resilient flooring, ceramic tile, as well as hardwood and laminate flooring. We are committed to make installation failures, customer callbacks, and unhappy consumers a thing of the past with this proactive stance.


 Our technicians have the same philosophy as our management.  We will not do the job wrong; there’s too much at stake.



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